7 Instant Mood Lifting Tricks

By: Mitzi Reaugh
Apr 07, 2017 | BE
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It's something we all experience - you're in a mental fog and can't seem to shake a bad mood.  You can lift your mood using a number of different techniques, whether they are physical, mental, or even tactile.  We've put together a list of 7 tips to help you lift your mood and add more energy to your day.

Physical Tips

Close Your Eyes and Breath Deep
It's a classic because it works - deep breathing. Here's a simple exercise to help you focus on your breath:
 - Sit with one hand on your heart and one on your abdomen
 - Breath in through your nose over a count of 4
 - Breath out through your mouth over a count of 4
Try this exercise for 5-10 minutes to still your mind and body.  If you're worried about running too long, set a timer with a soothing alarm on your phone.  

Go For a Walk
Take a walk around the block to get your mind out of a mental rut.  A change of scenery can help your mind shift from being focused on your situation and provide the physical and mental stimulation to lift your spirits.

Feeling in a funk? Then get a little funky!  Turn on your favorite song, preferably loud, and dance around a bit.  Will you feel a bit silly at first?  Probably!  But moving around will improve your mood. And a good beat should lift your spirits.

Mental Tips

Look at Photos
Take a moment to think about something that brings you joy by looking at photos of a happy event or of your friends and family. Or look at photos of a previous vacation or an upcoming trip. Spend time to think about what you enjoyed and try to re-live that experience.  

Write a List
If your mind is swirling with too many thoughts for the day, take a moment to write down all you want to get done.  Your mind can become overwhelmed and frazzled if you have too many things you're trying to remember.  A simple to do list takes the pressure of your mind's 'working memory' and can let you be more present.

Unexpected Tips

Focusing on a tactile experience is another way to clear your mind.  

Take Your Shoes Off
For real - take your shoes off and walk around bare feet for 5 mins.  It's amazing how a change in tactile feeling can make you feel different.  Make a point of focusing on how your feet feel on the floor.  Is it cold? Itchy?  Soft?  The more your focus on the physical experience, your mind can relax.

Drink Some Tea
Make yourself a warm cup of tea and take 5 minutes to enjoy it. Feel the warm mug in your hands.  Take a deep breath and smell the brewing tea. Savor each sip as you drink the warm liquid.  Savor each sip enjoying the experience.