Eating right is more than just counting calories.

Healthy Eating with a Nutritionist

Diet Assessment and Menu Planning

How do you feel? Do you have energy? Does your body have food sensitivities? The right diet and food planning can redefine your health and provide you more energy. A nutritionist or dietitian will work with you over several months to devise a plan, monitor, and revise over time.

Locations available:
  • In-person
  • Virtual (via video chat or phone)
  • "With Lauren's tips, I've got the plan to meet my weight goal and have more energy to chase after my twins, my six year old and my dog! I can really imagine the possibilities."
    - Deirdre with Lauren Minchen.

    "I definitely think this cleaner and lighter eating has helped clear up my acne-prone skin, which is obviously a major win."
    - Maggie from Glamour with Sarrah Hallock.

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