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Closet cleanout services

Closet Cleanout & Personal Styling

A stylist will work with you to streamline your closet, focusing on what items to keep and which to add. The purpose of a cleanout is to make it easier for you to dress each day. Update your look using your existing wardrobe, all while staying true to your body and personal style.

Locations available:
  • In-person (at your home)
  • Virtual (via video chat)
  • "She helped me take pieces from my closet I love and showed me how to create more looks with those pieces. For those pieces in my closet I was unsure how to style - she provided suggestions on how to wear/accessorize them."
    - Michelle, Virtual Styling Session with Randi Pund.

    "Her questions feel non-judgmental — like she's truly just trying to figure out what I like and why I'm drawn to certain items. She often holds a piece up and describes what she thinks would really make it pop, like a statement necklace or belt, and provides suggestions on how best to wear it. As we go through each item, something starts happening that I haven't experienced in a long time: I start getting excited about my clothes."
    - Toria from Bustle with Christina Pacelli.

    Personal Shopping services

    Personal Shopping

    Based on your personal style and budget, a stylist will select clothes to suit your wardrobe and goals. Enjoy shopping with your favorite brands but with the ease of pre-selected outfits.

    Locations available:
  • In-person (personalized shopping trip)
  • In-person (clothes brought to you your home)
  • Virtual (via video chat & curated shopping list)
  • "The best part is that I don’t have to deal with Internet returns, or trips to the store when I don’t have time to find the item I’m looking for, or getting things tailored, or having to think about what goes with what. Ali is there from the beginning to the end. And believe it or not, I will eventually save money by turning over my shopping keys. "
    - Jen, Personal Shopping with Ali Call

    "She did the legwork in advance and as a result, we saved a lot of time and energy. Almost everything she had placed on hold resonated with me. I was impressed by her style acuity given her limited knowledge of my likes and dislikes."
    - Deb, Personal Shopping with Hilary Fasen

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