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Career Coaching

Do you want to make a career change? Do you want to negotiate for a raise? Do you want to break-thru in your professional life? A career coach will help you define your strategy and provide tactical advice on reaching your goals.

Locations available:
  • In-person
  • Virtual (via video chat or phone)
  • "This assessment is the one I definitely could not have done on my own.... I now feel better equipped to explain my skill sets—either to a stranger or my boss—and feel like I have a better understanding of what drives me too, which is pretty cool."
    - Maggie from Glamour with Laura Garnett.

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    Life Coaching

    A life coach works with you to set your personal goals and priorities and develop an actionable plan. A life coach can help you better define what's important to you and they provide expertise and accountability as you make changes to your life. If you're looking to make meaningful change in your life, a life coach can help you break through fears that may be holding you back.

    Locations available:
  • In-person
  • Virtual (via video chat or phone)
  • "My session with Daisy gave me the confidence to take time while I evaluated what I wanted to do next. Before meeting with her, I was feeling rushed into make a decision I wasn't ready to make."
    - Tara, Coaching session with Daisy Swan

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